Perché Matt Damon era in The Great Wall?

What year is The Great Wall set in?

Historians usually consider the defensive walls built during the Spring and Autumn period (770–476 BCE) and the Warring States period (475–221 BCE) to be the first sections of what would eventually become the structure known as the Great Wall of China, putting the wall at almost 3,000 years old.

What did Matt Damon say about The Great Wall?

“I was like, this is exactly how disasters happen,” Damon said, noting he realized “The Great Wall” was doomed after witnessing the movie’s Hollywood backers pressuring Zhang Yimou to sacrifice his vision. “It doesn’t cohere. It doesn’t work as a movie.”

Where is Matt Damons character from in The Great Wall?

White protagonist in an East Asian setting

Because some of the characters, including a main character played by Matt Damon, are white in a film set in medieval China, the film was accused of whitewashing and using the white savior narrative prior to its release.

What accent does Matt Damon have in The Great Wall?

In his new film, The Great Wall, Matt Damon plays a European mercenary in China. Details regarding Damon’s character William are fairly scant, but many viewers and critics have pointed out that he appears to be doing a fairly woeful Irish accent. (And many reviews describe his character as Irish.)

How old is The Great Wall of China 2021?

2,300 years old

The Great Wall is more than 2,300 years old.

Is The Great Wall a true story?

In fact, the entire film is a piece of historical fiction, with little basis in reality other than the existence of the wall itself. The Great Wall is fantasy, through and through, so it’s safe to say that William isn’t actually a historical figure.

What role did Matt Damon turn down?

Matt Damon has famously admitted that he turned down the lead role in Avatar, which caused him to lose out on $250 million. In an interview with The Talks, the actor reflected on why his hand was forced. But despite his reasoning at the time, Damon still feels he’s “the dumbest businessman in the world.”

Was The Great Wall movie successful?

As well as being a critical disaster, the movie is also considered a box-office failure, despite grossing just under $335 million worldwide. This is because its large budget of $150 million as well as extensive marketing costs outweighed its intake in theaters.

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