Chi ha ucciso Kestrel in Wings of Fire?

Who was kestrels mate WOF?


Age Older than 20 years at death
Status Deceased (died in 5,011 AS)
Mate Chameleon (as Soar)
Daughter Peril

Is Sky Peril’s brother WOF?

Sky is an adult male SkyWing who was introduced in Dragonslayer. He was hatched with an inability to breathe fire and is much smaller and weaker than normal SkyWings. He is the son of Chameleon and Kestrel, and the twin brother of Peril.

Who killed Kestrel?

Formerly a member of the Talons of Peace, she was one of the guardians of the dragonets, tasked with teaching tribe strengths and weaknesses, alongside Dune and Webs. She was killed by Blister when the SandWing stabbed her through the heart with her tail barb.

Who is Glory’s mate?

After the events of the NightWing Exodus, Glory became queen of both the NightWing and RainWing tribes. She currently resides in the Rainforest Kingdom, and is in a relationship with Deathbringer.

Do blue and cricket get together?

Cricket is a female HiveWing dragonet and the main protagonist of The Hive Queen. She currently lives in the LeafSilk Kingdom with her parents. She is in a relationship with Blue and the adopted mother of Bumblebee.

How old is deathbringer in WOF?

DID YOU NOTICE THE AGE GAP | Fandom. I know this might ruin glorybringer, but deathbringer is 13 and glory is 6 so that is a huge problem.

Who is Wren in WOF?

Wren is a young female scavenger who is one of the three POVs in Dragonslayer. She was most likely born and raised in Talisman. She is the only human able to speak dragon, aside from Rose.

What are good SkyWing names?

SkyWing Names!

  • FireWork.
  • Robin.
  • Falcon.
  • SunFire.
  • Dawn.
  • Hawk.
  • Starling.
  • Copper.

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