Chi interpretava Ross in The Patty Duke Show?

Who played Ross Lane on The Patty Duke Show?

Paul O’Keefe (born April 27, 1951) is an American actor best known for his work as Ross Lane, the younger brother of Patty Duke’s character Patty Lane in the television series The Patty Duke Show and for the movie The Daydreamer.

Year Title Role
1959 Toast of the Town Himself

Is anyone from The Patty Duke Show still alive?

Patty Duke (Patty Lane / Cathy Lane), William Schallert (Martin Lane) and Eddie Applegate (Richard Harrison) all died in 2016: Duke on March 29, Schallert on May 8 and Applegate on October 17. With Applegate’s death, Paul O’Keefe (Ross Lane) is the last surviving regular cast member of the series.

Who was the stand in for Patty Duke show?

But for Diane Foster, a Palm Desert housewife and mother of two, the spoof was not all that funny. “It was humorous, at best,” said Foster, 41, formerly the teen actress who was the primary stand-in as cousin Cathy (there were several).

Why was The Patty Duke Show Cancelled?

The Patty Duke Show ran on ABC from 1963 to 1966, for 104 episodes, over the course of three seasons. ABC canceled The Patty Duke Show, because it would have cost too much to shoot in color.

What happened to Eddie Applegate?

Applegate lived in Chatsworth, California with his common law wife Betty. He was an active member of the San Fernando Valley Art Club, serving as vice president. He died on October 17, 2016, at a nursing home in Los Angeles after a long illness.

Is Patty Duke a twin?

So, The Patty Duke Show was centered around two identical cousins who were both played by Duke — the typical American teenager Patty Lane and her Scottish cousin — the prim and proper opposite, Cathy Lane.

What happened to the actor who played Richard on The Patty Duke Show?

More Stories by Mike. Eddie Applegate, who played Richard Harrison, the high school boyfriend of Patty Lane, on The Patty Duke Show, died Monday. He was 81. Applegate died at a nursing home in Los Angeles after a long illness, his friend, Lizzie Maxwell, told The Hollywood Reporter.

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