Chi è Mary Warren in The Crucible?

How is Mary Warren described in The Crucible?

Poor Mary Warren, described in the beginning as a ”subservient, naive, lonely girl” in Arthur Miller’s ”The Crucible. ” Throughout the entire play she is weak and wavering. Being lonely and without social position, she is not equipped with much to protect her in society, so she seeks safety in numbers.

What is the importance of Mary Warren in The Crucible?

In Arthur Millers, the Crucible, Mary Warren is a servant who has a pivotal role in the play. Mary Warren’s decisions throughout the play vividly show her final corrupt character. In the beginning of the play Mary Warren believes that there are actually witches and the devil in Salem.

What bad things did Mary Warren do in The Crucible?

Mary Warren was the oldest of the afflicted girls in the Salem Witch Trials and testified against numerous accused witches before she was eventually accused of witchcraft herself.

How is Mary Warren described in Act 1 compared to Act 2 What do you think is the reason for this change?

how has mary warren’s attitude changed since act 1, and what changed her? she stands up for herself and she has status in court. the fact that she defended elizabeth in court and is also an important factor.

How did Mary Warren change in The Crucible?

Studying Mary Warren showed us different sides to her. We see her as fragile, frightened, lonely and unimportant. This has changed by Act 2 though. She has changes in attitude towards different people especially Proctor and by Act 3 Mary has broken down and is back to what she was in the beginning.

What is Mary Warren motivated by?

In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Mary Warren is motivated by fear that transitions from Abigail…show more content…

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